Some Of Our Dearest Clients Call Us "The Girls"

With our experience and extensive network of freelancers at the ready,
they know their product will look its best when they "Send it to The Girls."

Many of our clients have had us shoot remotely for years. If this is a weird new thing for you and your company, we are prepared and happy to help you through the process.

Our Dallas, TX studio is conveniently located near DAL Love Field, Market Center and DFW Airport.

Cyndi and Laura pre-Covid 19
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Photographer + Retoucher + Stylist + Producer...Ready For Your Project, Big Or Small

• Clean, Accurate Color For Your Product

• Pure White Background / On Color / In Environment / Lifestyle / On Location

• High Quality Retouching (Local)

• Thoughtful GIFs or Video Help Tell Your Story

• Imagery Delivered To Spec, Whether It's Amazon / Shopify / FB / Insta / Magazine / Catalog

• Covid-Safe Casting Services and/or Studio Rental

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Studio + Safety/Remote Capabilities

A socially distant world requires a shift in the creative process. Following CDC guidelines, We'll Zoom/Email/Text/Etc: Whatever works for you, works for us.

Turquoise Earrings

Your Product Is Our Focus

Jewelry, Cosmetics, Apparel/Fashion Accessories, Food/Bev, Home Goods, Industrial/Medical/Tech, Etc. will ALL receive the attention it deserves; delivered via password-protected gallery.

Table-Drawers Opening


Animated GIFs (high-res or web-ready,) 360º turntable GIFs, and motion controlled video/green screen graphics can help tell your brand's story.

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